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Bitstamp has blocked all its russian customers for no reason!

Bitstamp has been informed that the Russian government is prohibiting access to Bitstamp’s website for all of our Russian customers. We deeply regret this inconvenience, and will attempt to resolve this situation as soon as possible. All Bitstamp accounts remain safe and secure. We have not been officially notified of the reason for this action, which we view as unjustified. We are not aware of any misuse of our services involving any Russian customer. Bitstamp poses no threat to the security of Russia or its economy. Bitstamp is a recognized leader in operating a safe, fully compliant exchange. We are attempting to contact officials in Russia to determine why they have taken this unfortunate action. We invite Bitstamp customers – and especially our Russian customers – to let us know if you learn anything more about this action, or have specific questions. We do not know much, but we will let you know what we lea rn, as we learn it. Please contact us at [email protected] We suspect that the ban is related to legislation pending in the Duma of the Russian Federation. For more background, see: The proposed legislation would broadly ban the domestic use of BTC, and appears to criminalize use of an international exchange such as Bitstamp. To ensure compliance with the new regulatory regime, protect affiliate service providers, and most importantly – protect our valued customers in Russia – Bitstamp has decided to temporarily block access to its website from Russian IP addresses until we can assess the situation with more clarity. Again, we regret this inconvenience, but we do not want to expose anyone to possible fines or criminal sanctions by the Russian state. Best regards, Bitstamp team
I am a bit surprised Bitstamp (with its Slovenia/UK jurisdiction) is so concerned about Russian laws, but it’s up to them, they may be paranoid. OK. But even so, their arguments are not valid. If Bitstamp is lost here I will try to clarify some things for them:
There is absolutely no reason to ban Russian customers from accessing the site. WTF Bitstamp? This looks really weird and unprofessional.
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The sites include, a primary community resource for the cryptocurrency that’s run by the Bitcoin Foundation, the community wiki, the Russian-language security site, the London-incorporated Indacoin exchange, and Russian bitcoin community site — although the same service’s address Bitcoin’s value has plunged 32 percent over the last two days partially due to this latest development as well, furthering the slide of the once hot cryptocurrency. Of course Bitcoin lottery is legal. It is like any other form of lottery, i.e. the cost of tickets purchased are pooled together and randomly given out as prizes to those who win the lottery, but only that the rewards are given in Bitcoins but not cash. If the party hosting the lottery is a legally registered entity a Russia’s media watchdog has added six cryptocurrency-related websites to it lists of banned internet sources. According to a report by, Russia’s Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information, Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor), has banned six new cryptocurrency websites as of Mar. 5. The websites, including, range from cryptocurrency exchanges Bitcoin Cash (BCH/USD) Market Action. Bitcoin Cash is coasting along at $314 per coin and is up 1.36% this Sunday. During the last 30 days, BCH has lost a touch over 9% but the asset is still up 47.6% for the last 90 days. During the last 12 months against the U.S. dollar, BCH has gained more than 136% in value.

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The Bitcoin Store of Value Myth

Today I take a walk through my price predictions for Bitcoin – not just through 2018, but extending all the way through to 2021. I also give my predictions on the cryptocurrency space as a whole. Bitcoin has value because of the faith people place in it as well. The price of Bitcoin fluctuates much faster than most stocks that are traded on the New York Stock Exchange. This is a point of ... If you had invested $200 in Bitcoin in 2009 what would it be worth compared to investing $200 in Amazon, Facebook or Google. If you wanted to buy an Alabama peach with your Bitcoin how would you ... Highlights from The Value of Bitcoin Conference on June 3rd, 2019. After more than 10 years, Bitcoin is still around and the signals that indicate Bitcoin is here to stay are only getting stronger. Bitcoin Price History in Dollars From 2012 to 2017 (Monthly) - Duration: 2:01. Paddingtonyt 1,883 views. 2:01. 100 Year History Of Silver Prices Proves Its Worth! - Duration: 13:23.

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