Who Accepts Bitcoins in 2020? List of 20+ Major Companies


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List of adult/porn sites that accept Bitcoin currently?

Is there a good list of adult sites that accept Bitcoin currently? All the sites I have found appear to be outdated, incomplete (e.g. bitcoin.directory) or defunct.
EDIT: For anyone else curious, after searching it appears that Bitcoin Porn Directory is the most up to date listing site.
For cams BitcoinPornCams.com seems pretty good.
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Best place to find a list of commerce sites that accept crypto? /r/Bitcoin

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List of adult/porn sites that accept Bitcoin currently? /r/Bitcoin

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Is there a list of sites that list bitcoin accepting sites out there?

There must be 15+ places that you can go and just submit your business as one that accepts bitcoin.
Has that been aggregated anywhere?
If not, please add the ones you know of here.
"wiki": http://spendbitcoins.com/
http://bitcoinkiez.de (if you're in Berlin.)
http://MercadoBitcoin.com (spanish)
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A directory of business that accept bitcoin, and sites that are directories for bitbizzes. Please add more to the list.

Spendbitcoins well over a thousand companies.
Coinmap totally awesome maps with business locations
bitcoinblackfriday holiday sales extravaganza.)
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So I had this idea....

Okay so basically poker in the US seems like it's dead for now, but there's a way we could get it going again and it could never be stopped --- bitcoin.
Bitcoin is a distributed p2p currency that can be transferred from person to person with no record whatsoever.
There would need to be an intermediate site that was hosted outside of the united states, but there is absolutely no way they could seize bitcoins (due to the way the mechanism works). Also due to it not being an official foreign currency I'm pretty sure they'd have a hard time prosecuting it.
A second option for the use of bitcoin is to build it into the p2p system that bitcoin already runs on. Basically it would be like when they shut down Napster and everyone when to bittorrent and emule.. Without a centralized server there is noone to arrest, nothing to take down, and no way to stop it.
You can buy bitcoins with paypal, but someone needs to make a site that would track chip counts vs bitcoinsm, etc, etc..
I'm not sure how it would all work exactly, but the REALLY cool part about it is that bitcoins are a VERY finite currency. This means that people that got in the ground floor of this opportunity could get QUITE rich if online poker stars to migrate towards bitcoin. Because bitcoin is a finite currency and theres only so much being generated every day, the price of existing bitcoins would go through the roof as more and more people started to play bitcoin online poker..
Bitcoin is already a pretty established currency..
I'm a programmer by trade and really want to take up this idea because the demise of online poker is going to hurt one of my favorite things to do.
If any other programmres want to join me in this mission, please send me PM or post here with great ideas.. I'm trying folks!
More info:
Bitcoin Main Site
Bitcoin Existing Poker Site (OPEN SOURCE!)
Bitcoin explained in short video
List of sites that accept bitcoin
Recent Time Article about Bitcoin
Let me know what you guys think!
I've got a team of a few people that have committed to working on it, we've communicated via skype.. will let you know of the results soon.
Does anyone have connections to anyone on twoplustwo or anywhere with more exposure, I don't really post to poker forums much.
New Edit:
Now I need help with a name
name date pokersbestbonus.com 2011-04-20 pokerwaging.com 2011-04-20 cdpokeritaian.com 2011-04-20 cdpokeritaiano.com 2011-04-20 cdpokeritonline.com 2011-04-20 cartelpoker.com 2011-04-20 betthepotpoker.com 2011-04-20 ynabomberpoker.com 2011-04-20 tecnicasdepoker.com 2011-04-20 pokerunchecked.com 2011-04-20 tvstarpoker.com 2011-04-19 thepokerwizards.com 2011-04-19 amaropoker.com 2011-04-19
I've compiled a list of a bunch of domains coming open soon with poker in them.. tell me if you guys spot any you think are good.
I will be putting together a closed project webpage for this project, if you are interested in getting access as a developer or to track the progess send me an email at [email protected] I'll be putting together a mailing list and project managment through phpCollab in the next 48 hours.
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Is there a list of established sites that have started accepting Bitcoin?

I believe https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Trade mostly has new sites, not a lot of existing ones.
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Listing of Keyboard Sites that accept bitcoin

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My Provisional List of COVID Anomalies, Red/ False Flags & Clear Indications of Scumbaggery And Scambuggery. LIHOP, MIHOP Or HOAX/SCAM? Def Not As Described. Very Much Updated Since 1st Posting. Please Let Me Know What I’ve Missed Or Add Links. Repost, Due To Strange Disappearance of 90% Of My Post.

My Provisional List of COVID Anomalies, Red/ False Flags & Clear Indications of Scumbaggery And Scambuggery. LIHOP, MIHOP Or HOAX/SCAM? Def Not As Described. Very Much Updated Since 1st Posting. Please Let Me Know What I’ve Missed Or Add Links. Repost, Due To Strange Disappearance of 90% Of My Post.
Not going to add to my existing paranoia by speculating, but here it is updated...
Here’s my Top 22 list of suspicious shenanigans and red flags surrounding the COVID narrative:

  1. The Imperial College Death data - Neil Ferguson and Gates-funded Imperial College, London Model that ‘persuaded’ Johnson and Trump to lockdown. Projected 500K deaths in UK and 2.2m deaths in US, EVEN WITH LOCKDOWN. Less than 10% accuracy but 110% alarmist, and evidence that the coding was deliberately flawed and designed to inflate numbers. Gates funding everyone involved in the staged 'debacle'.
Ferguson, with a terrifyingly consistent track record for hyping minor viruses that fail to transpire into pandemics (Swine Flu, Bird Flu, BSE etc), failing upwards as a ‘safe pair of hands‘.
EDIT: the material below has now disappeared twice, so I’m reposting with the 95% that disappeared some minutes ago....
2) Ferguson’s blasé attitude to his affair during lockdown - clearly not too worried for his lovers’ family, if he genuinely believed COVID was a threat. No "error of judgement", just a man who knew there was nothing to fear.
3) Hospitals cleared of patients in readiness for a pandemic that never came. Desperate for cash, doctors and nurses were financially incentivised to put down patients dying with/ of COVID on death certificates to gain payments. In US $13,000 per patient, and $39,000 per patient on ventilator etc.
Footage of empty hospitals worldwide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrJ9yaUOVKs
Nurses furloughed, sent home for suspected virus without testing. Nurses - with nothing better to do - on TikTok etc:
Nurses slammed for filming TikTok showing them carrying coronavirus 'body-bag':
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMHU6MtPVqQ etc
4) Games played with age and numbers, proof that only the elderly and very sick elderly were dying, but less of pneumonia and flu than in previous years. Median age of 79 in US and 82 in UK. Meanwhile whole country on lockdown.
"The median age of the deceased in most countries (including Italy) is over 80 years (e.g. 86 years in Sweden) and only about 4% of the deceased had no serious preconditions. The age and risk profile of deaths thus essentially corresponds to normal mortality."
(table from 2/7 down the page...)
5) When this became apparent, initial scare stories in press about children dying of virus, later proven to have no merit, just to ensure the hysteria was generalised. Meanwhile, probability of a child dying from the 'virus' is 35m to 1.

"The second row shows that 2 deaths have been recorded among over 7 million school children aged between 5 and 14 (around 1 in 3.5 million), an extremely low risk — although additional deaths may be reported following coroners’ investigations. Over the last five years, there has been an average of 94 deaths registered over this 9-week period for those aged 5–14, and so the 2 Covid deaths represents only 2% of the normal risk faced by this group. That is, whatever average risk they would have faced in these 9 weeks if Covid had never existed — a risk which was extraordinarily low — was increased by Covid by only 2%."
from: https://medium.com/wintoncentre/what-have-been-the-fatal-risks-of-covid-particularly-to-children-and-younger-adults-a5cbf7060c49
6) The ludicrous claim that they had never considered economic and psychological DEATH toll of lockdown.
There was a press conference in June on BBC, where they said "saving lives" from the virus was considered more important. Hard to believe, but I can't find the footage yet...
"One of the most consistent themes that emerges from the minutes of SAGE meetings is how the Government repeatedly expected its scientists to account for the economic impact of lockdown restrictions – even though SAGE was not doing any economic modelling."
7) Doctors globally openly being told they can save paperwork and earn money by basing cause of death on ASSUMPTION of COVID, based on the vaguest of pretexts and symptoms.
Also, from the UK...Health Secretary Matt Hancock calls for urgent review into coronavirus death data in England.
It follows confirmation from Public Health England that reported deaths may have included people who tested positive months before they died.
8) The propaganda campaign against any form of alternative to vaccine (Vitamin C and D, African cures, HCQ etc)
“The Government’s leading body for Covid19 drug trials – led by the controversial character Professor Peter Horby – Oxford’s Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases and Global Health and heading the vaccine programme - stands accused of grossly mis