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DAIN-a new generation of artificial intelligence!

DAIN-a new generation of artificial intelligence!

I welcome you, my dear friends and subscribers. Without hesitation, I decided to write about another project that interested me, which is now very, very small.
For myself, as a supporter of blockchain technology, I did not set the goal of analyzing the technical aspects of a product, I always looked into the distance as an investor) but not deep into it, apparently this led me to search for a profitable investment tool for me. Right now I'm talking about blockchain startups.
Recently, I have become interested in all the nuances of projects. How, why, and for what. On what principle and the most important thing I think is understanding the usefulness of the idea and the final product.
The lyrical digression is ready, I'll go to the sweet!
On the agenda is a new, young startup from Spain under the short name DAIN which stands for Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Network.
Another digression for those who do not know what Artificial Intelligence is. In a nutshell: this is an intelligent computer system that performs creative actions that were originally performed only by a person.
Very little has been studied and developed in this direction, and it is still just beginning, so I think our generation will see amazing developments of such unique people and their projects.
Dain (DainWare) is a next - generation artificial intelligence platform, a decentralized and geo-dispersed public computing network managed via blockchain and specialized in solving artificial intelligence problems.

Official video presentation of the project -

This video briefly described the idea of creating the project and its purpose. Now I will try to describe the main points from the White paper in a short form.
And so, the DAIN project Wants to show itself as an important part of the new global capture of the World by artificial intelligence and blockchain technology and stand at the origins of these innovations. This is certainly worthy of praise and the guys know what they are doing, further more.
DAIN does not have its own computing power, but simply uses the existing computing power of third-party computers and their smartphones. Everything brilliant is simple!
The idea of leasing computing power to companies for ordinary users is a great solution to pressing problems for many large corporations, because this is a huge saving of money.
Artificial intelligence is a multi-functional machine, similar to the human brain, only hundreds of times more powerful. The DAIN project compares its development with the brain, and this is not a simple matter, here's how the developers describe this idea - " Any user can teach the brain to perform certain tasks, and then ask that these tasks be done again. Similarly, another user may be asked to perform the same tasks if the first user instructed the brain to allow others to access this knowledge.
The brain will remember all the tasks it is learning and constantly improve their performance. Ultimately, it could perform any number of tasks at the same time, with the only restriction on its size. The brain has the potential for unlimited growth by adding new computing devices. Like the natural brain, it must consume energy to perform any task. In this case, energy is a reward given to the device's owners"
I will say again that this is a very cool solution and if this idea is implemented it will be in demand and it will be practiced by business giants and corporations.
Now we are already seeing the introduction of artificial intelligence in many areas, such as banks, telephony, and others. This is only the beginning, as this technology is in its infancy at the moment.
I am optimistic and believe in these technologies. Artificial Intelligence is the future, I think most people will agree with me!
Now is the time this is the most expensive equity and I suggest you to read this fascinating work WP It describes all the steps to the goal and all its strengths, and most importantly, the developers explain the meaning of their brainchild and what problems the DAIN project will solve after its launch.

Be sure to visit the unique official website -

All the latest information about the project is posted in their social networks in a timely manner:
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Thank you all for your attention and see you soon.
I hope for someone my short article will be a useful tool in making your own decision.
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