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Barnacules made a video about Bitcoin and mining, and it is fantastic!

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Barnacules made a video about Bitcoin and mining, and it is fantastic!

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Getting started BitCoin mining using ASIC mining hardware [Barnacules Nerdgasm]

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Who is your favorite TechTuber and why? Here's my review

Written 9/15/2017

I've been reading a lot more of PCMR lately. I've read the comments of the decline of LinusTechTips. I've seen the difference in his older videos and his new ones. Personally I'm not a huge gamer. Yeah I have a custom built PC and I play some games on it but it was purposely built to be a developer machine. Growing up, I could never afford a gaming PC and I preferred the original series on Nintendo and PlayStation consoles. So when I look for TechTubers, I mainly look for entertainment. Now that's not to say I'd wish LinusTechTips to not bring informative content. I would just feel more included if they targeted towards PCMR careers too. I'll get into suggestions later. Here is my list of favorite TechTubers in priority order as well as pros and cons of them.
1) Linus Tech Tips (LTT)
PRO: Their professional studio/workspace and various staff makes them feel professional. I do enjoy the humor and but the best series they have are the build theme competitions between Luke and Linus and their best series: ScrapYard Wars. I watch them for the humor and the builds. I'll watch 90% of his videos that come out. Uploads a new video every day.
CONS: I don't mind the puns and lame jokes but I can see a difference between scripted/cringe Linus and natural Linus. Every single humor video has dick jokes and innuendos with emphasis. I know that’s his humor but he lays it on thick (THICC) sometimes. I also see him as exclusively a computer TechTuber. When I see cellphone and console stuff, I'll watch it but I see other TechTubers as more of an authority on it. I know that advertisements pay the bill but it feels like it's too much here. With the intro AND OUTRO ads, i feel like videos can be up to 20% advertisement. I may be exaggerating but that's just how I feel.
2) Bitwit/AwesomeSauce Network
PRO: Since he's a smaller TechTuber there is potential of reviewing other stuff (like the powerline Ethernet adapter). Sometimes does collaborations with LTT. Collaborated with LTT in ScrapYard Wars Season 5. I'll watch some of his videos if they are different enough; mostly builds.
CONS: This guy is super cringy. I hate his cringy advertisements and I hated his channel's former name. WifeySauce is probably the worst thing to come out of a person's mouth. Looks like he used to work out of his house. This is not bad but it left an informal and unprofessional feeling. This was what made him different from LTT. However that originality is gone now that he moved into an office space.
3) Paul's Hardware
PRO: More serious than any of the other TechTubers. I think that leads to a level of professionalism and authority. I'll watch him for some his builds. Collaborated with LTT in ScrapYard Wars Season 5.
CONS: He has a boring look and voice to me. It's not his fault. He works out of his house. I know he's a smaller TechTuber but I do like the professional office of LTT. For now, this is an originality point for him. I won’t watch the collaboration/new videos with Bitwit. I know these are computer building YouTube channels, but who has money to build a PC every month? What do these people do with all these builds?
4) JayzTwoCents
PRO: Balance of serious and entertaining. Jokes and facial expressions aren't too cringy. I'll never build a watercooling system but it was fun to learn what it was and how to bend hardline tubes. Collaborated with LTT in ScrapYard Wars Season 5.
CONS: I watch the least amount of videos from him. I won't watch every video he uploads. After watching the other channels, I don't feel I need to watch anything he puts out because I got it all out of my system. Sorry Jay.
Honorable Mention: Carey Holzman
Info: I used to watch his build videos for years before building my second PC a few months ago. He runs his own business as a computer repair technician. His work includes building new computers, diagnosing and removing viruses, replacing components, etc.
PRO: I've seen the video and audio quality of his videos increase over the years as he acquires better and better AV equipment. His videos go from start of a build to the end of the build with close ups and explanations of components. I recommend watching his videos if you are new to building computers.
CONS: I've stopped watching his videos for a few reasons; mainly because I got the gist of things and know how to build PCs now. He talks way too much; sometimes repeating himself numerous times. He'll go on tangents and this slows the build process down to a crawl. His complete videos used to be about an hour long. Now they are going on two hours. He started doing live streaming (probably to get more YouTube revenue) and it's mostly him watching the comment feed and answering questions. As much as I'd see TechTubers do a Q&A, it's very boring to watch especially live. Also he doesn't do AMD builds. He says it’s because his customers don't request AMD builds. I know when businesses sign a contract with big computer suppliers like HP, Dell and Lenovo those companies have contracts to do all their builds with Intel. This leads to business and developers to have all Intel builds (myself included because that’s what I trust for development and virtualization).

additions made 3/25/2018

I watched more TechTubers over the past few months. I've slowed down a lot now and now looking into other YouTube content. Here's how my opinion has changed. In no particular order:
I found myself watching more of him after I heard he was the go to watercooling/hardline tubing guy. I enjoyed his step by step hardline and bending guides. It was educational which made it entertaining. I've seen a few more like his GPU content but I did stop watching for now. Congrats on the new studio.
Paul's Hardware
I haven't watched any more of his content; maybe a video here and there. Maybe I was a little judgmental at first. I still don't know why there needs to be a build of the month segment. Who builds a PC every month? Congrats on the new studio too.
Bitwit/AwesomeSauce Network
I did watch I think one or two gaming competitions he did with his wife. Any mention of Overwatch I'll watch. I didn't watch much else. I still think he's kind of cringey.
Linus Tech Tips (LTT)
I no longer watch every video that comes out just because my interests have changed. I do catch one or two that really interest me. I also did watch a few WAN shows. I never thought I'd find weekly news topics interesting but a few things interesting. I was very excited when they talked about doing a few segments on Bitcoin. I did watch the Mining Adventure videos when they came out and liked them. I now know a little bit more about LTT. They are part entertainment, part informative/educational, and part... something else (idk). They really are the Top Gear of computers. I want them to expand more on the whole Bitcoin thing but really they are there to give an explanation and overview with each topic they cover. Either that or they shove a bunch of RGB parts in a tempered glass case with some innuendos. If they do another Bitcoin video I would like them to cover splitting coins and more in-depth use of popular wallet software. But I think they did their job of grabbing interests from viewers. It's now up to the viewers to seek out more in-depth info on the subject. A big topic now in the community is picking up used video cards that could have been used for mining. I think LTT did do a video comparing a used video card with a new one (or maybe it was dirty vs clean card). I think they should revisit the topic. They should show them buying a few cards from hardcore miners and compare the performance of the card vs a brand new one. I'm in the camp of thought where mining doesn't really put a lot of strain on the card where as long gaming sessions does. I don't have the resources to prove the theory but Tech Tubers do. The experiment is not limited to LTT but any popular Tech Tuber. I know from tweets and his videos that JayzTwoCents is not a fan of miners and the subject but his friend Barnacules Nerdgasm is. Maybe someone will cover the topic eventually.
So that's my review and personal opinion of the Tech Tubers that I watch. All in all they entertained me and I hope they keep up the good work.
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Computer/IT Tips/Tricks

TLDR: From 0 to PCMR - Learn the Basics of Computers & How to Build a Computer (Infographic
DIY Fileserver
I found homelab from a commenter on another post and have gotten kind of intrigued by all the posts but haven't actually found what you can actually DO with a homelab. Can someone explain it to me?
37 page build log and tutorial on the 60TB FreeNAS server I put together a few months ago (xpost/homelab)
Explanation of RAID - Archive
RAID two flash-drives. Why? Why not!?
Reuse Old Computers For Personal Firewalls And Servers DIY
Ensure a harddrive functions properly with h2test2
Secure And Fast Routers
Building a homebrew router, and test results against retail ones.
Best Routers on the Market
screen have a frozen pixel? This fixes it
1mm thick flexible oled tv - More info - DL to gif
144hz Monitor Thread
New 165hz 1440p FreeSync Monitors
Comparison of IPS vs TN panels (color qualtiy vs viewing angles) - IPS - TN
ELI5: Anti-aliasing
The Best Headphones for gaming are not "gaming Headphones"
Types of RAM and details on CL/speed and what it all means - More on RAM
How to OC a Card - DL
Recording gameplay with an AMD gpu - See also: Radeon ReLive (Dec '16 OEM shadowplay equiv.)
GPU Passthrough Tut.
A discussion on why AMD GPUs age better over time.
AMD Cards ageing better than Kepler and Even Maxwell counterparts. - You guys are AMD loyalists. What to you makes AMD objectively better than NVDA?
51 GPUs Tested, From The Radeon HD 2900XT To RX 580 & R9 Fury: Testing The 2017 Linux Driver Stack
Flowchart to Overclock - dl
How To Properly Apply Thermal Paste - Hardware - Archive - More - Archive
Fan not sitting properly? Try This! - Archived
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Benchmarks, things to look for
If you put your games on an SSD you should really know about symbolic links.
Brothers, check your SSD processes. Dont be like me
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Smart mirror - another based on win10
I made a $5 iPhone and Apple Watch stand
Scare a friend by hiding his desktop icons and changing the background to this - mobile sized - -
Lightpack an ambient backlight for your displays that uses the monitor output to set its colours.
PC Gaming from your Couch
Unlock PC w/ USB As A Key
Unlock PC V.2
Rick Roll Raspberry Pi Prank
High Speed Drone Racing
How to make your router and traffic the most secure it can humanly be - [archive]()
Your Social Media Fingerprint
Detect and disconnect WiFi cameras in that AirBnB you’re staying in - script
Make custom disposable emails attached to your preexisting email that are application/site specific so you know where your email leaked if you start getting spam
Most VPN services leaks users’ details - Reddit
Open Source Router Firmware Blocks Ads and More - DL
More of the above link - Tablspn shares script to be used in conjunction with flashing OpenWrt onto your router which prevents ads from being displayed on any devices on your network that use DNS to find them on the internet. ChromeCasts, phones, tablets, PCs, etc are ad-free without installing any addons - Screenshot - Pastebin Mirror of script - More
Truly Secure Messaging Vetted By Sec Pros
Best Low Impact AV For Linux/PC
More AV Tips
Last Resort AV Program
AV Black Magic Tips
Don't skimp money when buying PC Case, some reasons on why you should choose a good one
Sick of the new Reddit profiles? Install Grease/Tampermonkey and install this script to get the old ones back as default!
TIL: Windows compresses background images. Get yours to display in full res with this tip!
Comprehensive guide to blocking ads on spotify
Home automation requires end-user programming; however, simple rule-based systems are not flexible enough for complex cases
this guy is a savage....anything he missed other than porn?
Net Neutrality in a nutshell - or - dystopia 2.0!
So I discovered you can use any characters for drive letter names
So I figured out how to change the labels in Settings…
For the college students out there with Laptops
Got a Smudge You Can't See? Try This Color as a Background.
Fight back against telemarketers/spam with an AI
Comment: The care and feeding of Lithium batteries - [archive]() - [pic]()
A year ago, I made a post on Privacy, Anonymity, and Security in the wake of CISA that you guys seemed to dig. This is your annual reminder to stay vigilant with my suggested updates/upgrades to last year's suggestions. - [archive]() - [pic]()
Comment: Why you should care about privacy, even if you think you "have nothing to hide" (discussion) - link - [archive]() - [pic]()
Google more effectively
This site filters out fake Amazon reviews - also checkout 'fakespot' to weed out sketchy sellers
Comment: Why/how to use a VPN? - [archive]() - [pic]() - Make sure your VPN doesn't leak BTW! - [archive]() - [pic]()
Comment: Want to be an IG master without being a sketchy fuckwad? Start here - [archive]() - [pic]()
Useful internet links
When buying a new or used computer, ALWAYS check that Computrace is not enabled.
[SUGGESTED READING] Official Malware Removal Guide
Bought a new laptop or prebuilt comp? LOOK HERE
Change your system font
adblock stopping facebook from working? look here
DONT USE MOLEX->SATA ADAPTERS! - Hardware - Watch this vid to learn how to spot bad cables if you absolutely need one
Power User Shortcuts
More Power User Commands(Extended List)
Crashed SD Card File Recovery
More On SD Card Recovery
Why do old computers get slow? How can I fix it? - Archive
Remove Yourself From Online Searches
What free things on the internet should everyone be taking advantage of?
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Easy clean-install
Uninstalling Unwanted Updates on Win7/8/10 - Archive
Win 10 Tips And Tricks
More - More
Removing win10 telemetry - more
YSK about Tron, a Windows batch script that disables Windows 10 telemetry, removes Lenovo spyware, OEM bloat, malware and a lot more, with only a few key presses.
Disable Tracking
Disable More Tracking in a Handy Batch File
changing hardware after getting windows 10 for free will cost you. even if you upgrade from a non-OEM license - Reddit - Archive
Remove xbox integration from Win10
Revive dongers on Win10
Windows 10 now shows ads on the lock screen — here’s how to kill them
Transform Windows 10 into the operating system it should be
Performance And Cleaning Tips
OS Dead? Throw A Copy Of Puppy Linux On A USB Drive To Fix It With
Microsoft resurrects Telemetry updates KB2952664 and KB2976978
For those who wants info on how to disable win 10 spyware - Barnacules Nerdgasm
PSA: Remove the Action Center icon from taskbar in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update
Windows 10 Anniversary update now allows you to tie your operating system license to your Microsoft account, rather than the specific hardware inside!
Uninstall Built-In Windows Junkware in seconds (easily reversible)
Things to remove/disable in windows 10
Spent all night doing this, but I'm finally using this so called tiles.
Windows 10 is bringing shitty ads to File Explorer, here's how to turn them off
Ultimate Optimization Guide For Windows 10 Gaming
Stuff to remove /disable after installing Windows 10.
PSA: Despite your registry tweaks, OneDrive has returned with the Win10 Creators Update. However, it can now be easily uninstalled through Settings > Apps & Features!
Download all Windows ISOs from Microsoft Servers
List of services you can safely disable on windows
The new Linux subsystem is pretty good
Turn off win10 file explorer ads
Comment: More tips to remove Win10 shitiness - [archive]() - [pic]()
Tutorial on how to block Windows 10 Telemetry, Auto Installation of apps and more.
Nuking win10 shit
What Win 10 Explorer Should Look Like - Another user's take
Should I use wattmann or afterburner?
Sentient - A real time hardware monitoring app I'm building. I really needed this, since I'm a fetishist of real time monitoring and there were no beautiful alternatives. Let me know what do you think, it's a work in progress!
We're two 20 year olds building free open source software and we just launched our new project Ulterius: a brand new way to access your computer from any web browser. AMA!
My first working GUI tool to allow easier troubleshooting of network issues with my users - Interactive Network Diagnostics Utility (INDU). Feedback is welcome.
Protip: Make your adblock invisible to most sites that require you to disable adblock. -Make your adblock invisible to most sites that require you to disable adblock. (x-post /Windows10)
I made a tool that allows you to move installation files from one drive to the other without breaking the program
Apple Makes iMovie, GarageBand, and iWork Apps for Mac and iOS Free for All Users
Keep your PC healthy! AdWare/Malware/Junkware removal guide Is your adblocker breaking Youtube for you? Check here
How to build your own VPN if you’re (rightfully) wary of commercial options
Are there any good Youtube channels like Linus Tech Tips, but specifically for software? - suggestion 1 - 2
Big List of PCMR Approved Free, Useful Software
Apps To Get
Coupon /Price Matching Extension For Chrome
Hands Down The Best Flight FindeBooker
More Useful Chrome Extensions(Pushbullet, MightyText)
Make Fake System Update Screens To Waste Time
[Guide] Twitch Tips Videos - Partnership, Networking, Community Building & More!
Guide: Managing your USB bandwidth as a streamer
[Guide] Creating a professional Twitch stream!
I have a working prototype for a system for Twitch streamers to accept bitcoin tips and hooks into their Streamlabs notification system
Widows movie maker = good free video editor - free/OS cideo editing - Shotcut
Setting up Microsoft's Beam LiveStreaming with AMD ReLive
OBS Studio 19.0 - AMD Encoder has been completely rewritten from scratch
What resolutions to record/stream at to not tax the cpu
Comment: Guide to setting up basic and proper encoding rates/resolutions for streaming
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Im having an issue and think I'm going nuts!

Recently, I was watching a Barnacules Nerdgasm video (about bitcoin mining) and it went to private mid-viewing.
Now I was watching a Let's Play Worms episode, went to work, came home and it went private too, anyone else get this on the Worms video? Or am I just going insane?
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Best Bitcoin Mining Script 2020 Easy To Download Barnacules cooking up some Breakfast Burritos Nerdgasm style w/ Egg, Ham, Cheese, Salsa, Yum! Virtual Bitcoin Miner Free Bitcoin Cloud Mining Free Bitcoin Mining Earn Money Tips nyZmRZrYvz How To Mine 1 Bitcoin in 10 Minutes Blockchain BTC Miner Pro Barnacules Nerdgasm Wins BIG // Quarter Final Highlights

Barnacules, like myself, also has an infatuation with the online cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin. He, like many others, also believes that one can never have enough Bitcoins, as the currency [ June 4, 2020 ] First Mover: Bitcoin Market, Like Wall Street, Shrugs Off Nationwide Protests Crypto News Search for: Home Bitcoin Frauds And Crimes IRS Scammer vs. Barnacules – Taking Down Phone Scammers For Fun! 🤫 [ July 1, 2020 ] Bitcoin’s Mining Difficulty Has Rarely Been This Static in a Decade Crypto News [ July 1, 2020 ] Bitcoin ETP Listed on Europe’s Third-Largest Exchange Crypto News [ July 1, 2020 ] Senate Banking Committee Barnacules Nerdgasm says: mine bitcoin by hand, barnacules nerdgasm bitcoin mine, largest bitcoin mine, methods to mine bitcoin for learners, greatest bitcoin miner, barnacules bitcoin mine, bitcoin miner construct, mine bitcoin chrome, mine bitcoin money on laptop computer, mine bitcoin cpu, mine bitcoin pc, mine bitcoin cloud, mine bitcoin money with antminer s9, mine • The median fund returned -46% in 2018 vs a Bitcoin benchmark of -72% • In 2018, the median fundamental fund returned -53%, discretionary fund -63% and quant fund +8% • The average fees for crypto hedge funds are 1.72% management fee and 23.5% performance fee

[index] [30014] [26912] [1223] [6451] [7708] [556] [6360] [10561] [19438] [24453]

Best Bitcoin Mining Script 2020 Easy To Download

How to BitCoin mine using fast ASIC mining hardware - Duration: 27:15. Barnacules Nerdgasm 1,688,876 views. 27:15. Systemic Risk Rising? Warning Signs Inside Credit Markets - Duration: 1:01:09. Best Bitcoin Mining Software Best BTC Miners in 2020: Bitcoin Miner Machine ... Barnacules Nerdgasm 1,689,407 views. 27:15. How I Built 7 Streams Of Income By Age 24 - Duration: 15:03. Support me by sending BitCoin (Wallet Address) ... [use code 'Barnacules' at checkout to get 10% off] Join my [email protected] team and help cure diseases with spare CPU/GPU cycles ... Welcome to Barnacules Nerdgasm the supreme 3D printing, Coding, Software, Hardware, Nerd Culture, Geek Culture, Virtual Reality (VR), Simulations, Robotics a... How to BitCoin mine using fast ASIC mining hardware - Duration: 27:15. ... Barnacules Nerdgasm 627,177 views. 58:02. I literally forgot what I ordered and stuff piled up. Let's unbox it!

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